Internal Arts Practice Concepts

Internal – meaning inside your body, inside your mind and your intention. Therefore, your body focus is the 神 (shen), or (body) awareness/spirit. Your mind focus is the 意 (yi), or intention/will/impulse energy between thinking and doing. Your heart-mind,  the 心 (xin) or emotion/attitude, is not the primary focus. The aim of the training the shen and yi focus is to cultivate your 气 (qi), or (internal) energy, guided by methods that cultivate 鬆 (song), or loosing/relaxing. An important principle is that where intention goes, energy follows, Yi Dao Qi Dao (意到氣到). The goal of your training is to harmonise these three internals. When you can harmonise your 神 (shen), 意 (yi) and 气 (qi), you will be able to apply them at will into your techniques and are on the path to unlock the 太极 (Taiji) or supreme potential in you.

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