Was asked today by a ghost from the past about my knowledge of "any teams/companies/individuals who you think do a really good job of providing context for health information". My comment:

Regarding teams that provide context to health info (ML & beyond): I've done my research deep dives on this general topic and have some hunches - fairly obvious insights, nothing particularly groundbreaking. But frankly this entire space is completely full of spooks/intel/military/mafia front-orgs and front-people: From the early days of Tavistock etc. all the way to the digital twining of entire populations under permanent bio-signals surveillance, and the altering of bio/psycho-dynamics of masses as part of new types of "currencies" on the "internet of bodies", all under the framework of full-spectrum dominance extended to all aspects of biological life on earth. As i personally believe in the profound power of relaxation and am a life long explorer of that path, i find this all far to stressful and hence stay far away. From my perspective meditation, relaxation and true kindness and care are more effective than all of the Bio-AI-intelligence-blabla in the world. But ultimately, everybody has to follow their own path and truth - and I'm not here to preach but to practice.

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