Tetragrammaton of the Illuminati

From "Psyber Magick: Advanced Ideas in Chaos Magick" by Peter J. Carroll, in which he divides psychopolitical programmes into four interesting groups:

The Jehovic programme of lawful nastiness dominates most psychopolitical systems from the nation sate down the self-similar fractal ladder to the selfs within a person. Such systems tend to maintain their stasis quo at the expense of surrounding systems or sub-systems.

The Christic and Satanic programmes have little overall effect, as they expend themselves against the Jehovic programme and each other; and few systems manage to display either permanent beastliness or saintliness...

Only the Luciferic programme allows evolution, as the Illuminati well know. In recent centuries the dominant psychopolitical Jehovic forces have come to realize that a limited amount of Luciferic creative chaos can give them an edge over systems which do not possess it.

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