Super Mario Mouse - Generative AI Art by @WeavingWithAI

You hear that sound? It's 20k top lawyers working for Disney, Nintendo & co. getting ready to legally prevent Generative AI systems of crashing the IP game. Is "Super Mario Mouse" still copyright infringement when you walk it 5% to the 'left' in latent space? Fun times.

Deniz Opal: "Well this has come to a head. In order to protest AI image generators stealing artists work to train AI models, the artists are deliberately generating AI art based on the IP of corporations that are most sensitive to protecting it."

#Comment: Master piece in the endless dialectic: We're at the point where independent artist are begging big corporation lawyers to step in hard and further strengthen the already insanely strong Intellectual property laws. All due to generative AIs which serve the same corporate interests..

Anti-AI "Artists" will join Copyright Alliance (Dinsey, getty images etc)

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