Practicing Zhan Zhuang and one-pointed attention leads to profound tranquillity that will completely reconstitute your being. The fabric of reality starts to readjust and things start to magically fall in place.

The term Zhan Zhuang means to stand like a stake or tree and is used to describe any of the standing exercises that come from the Chinese internal arts. These standing exercises consist of holding one posture or stance for a prolonged period. They are characterized by stillness, mind and spirit training. The stillness of the body calms and stabilizes the mind and the holding of a stance or body shape develops deep structure within the body as the bones, muscles, tissues, fluids and sinews settle.

Visualizations are sometimes employed to create sensations or to enable the body to relax further and longer. The psychic abilities and pre-cognitive abilities are sometimes summoned or worked on also. Zhan Zhuang has sometimes been seen as a resource for learning and augmenting psychic or mystic skills. But, it is best applied to boosting health and well-being.

In general, Zhan Zhuang is about the mind learning to be still and calm whilst luminous and aware. Tremendous neijin or inner power can be achieved through the rigorous practice of Zhan Zhuang, as well as a good “earthing” or rooting. For optimising musculoskeletal alignments, fortifying the immune system, detoxifying the body and emotional and psychic cleansing – Zhan Zhuang cannot be bettered. Overall, Zhan Zhuang is arguably the most essential internal method for gaining profound abilities and inner peace. Most of the great masters of internal gong fu practised at least some method of Zhan Zhuang or incorporated Zhan Zhuang into their studies at some juncture. (source)

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