Relaxation is one of the most complex phenomena. It is very rich and multidimensional. Just relax and let things be as they are, that is the meaning of meditation.

To learn about the value of relaxation, experience intense stress and tension: Tension means hurry, fear, doubt - a constant effort to protect, to be secure, to be safe, to prepare for the tomorrow now.

Relaxation is an art: like other arts, the more you practice the more proficient you become. The more relaxed you are physically, the easier it is to relax mentally. Gradually and gently, slow down every process. Don’t be in a hurry, don’t be in haste, don't seek, don't demand - relax. If you relax, things magically fall in place.

Total relaxation is the ultimate and possible. It brings the greatest joy, acceptance. Your life will have the quality of dance to it.

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