Ogbo is a community for individuals committed to living a relaxed and healthy life through daily practice. A new project i helped make.

Cultivating habits centered around relaxation, exercise, and connecting with nature can dramatically improve quality of life. However, making such practices a consistent part of our daily routine isn’t always easy.

Ogbo helps with this process with a diverse library of community curated activities and a convenient calendar, crafted to help you chart your journey, guide your evolution, and connect with fellow practitioners. Together, we cultivate a space of communal well-being, mutual growth, encouragement, and inspiration.

Ogbo is a free public service, conceived and nurtured by Felix Lorenz and Samim Winiger. Your insights, feedback, and aspirations are the currents that steer our ship. Connect with us via Email or Chat.

We are grateful for your attention and presence. Keep breathing and enjoy your practice. Join Ogbo!

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