How Robert Anton Wilson's Daughter "Luna Wilson" became a cryogenically frozen brain in a vat

Bob and Arlen had four children and one of them was Patricia Luna Wilson, known to all as Luna. She worked at a store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. On October 2nd, 1976, while tending to the register of the clothing store where she worked, Luna was attacked by a thief who struck her in the head repeatedly with a credit card machine. Her body wasn't discovered until the next day. Luna Wilson was the sister of Christina, Graham and Alexandra. Luna was a pacifist, a vegetarian and lover of people and animals. Her brain was put into cryonic suspension by the Bay Area Cryonics Society. About this, her father wrote:
"...by this scientific endeavor we express and commemorate our faith in life and our total rejection of death and violence. By this attempt to preserve life, we say 'No' to the dealers in death and violence. We say 'No' to the governments that use mass murder as policy. We say 'No' to an entertainment industry based on the pornography of violence and the prurience of sadism. And we say 'No' to the creature who, in his blind ignorance of the value of life, killled Luna to steal a few dollars.'"

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