New synthetic biology research center opens: 

East China Normal University launched a biomedical research center for mammalian and medical synthetic biology in April.

China prohibits forced technology transfer: Xi: 

China will create a business environment in which the value of knowledge is respected, Xi said.

Chinese scientists develop new material for super batteries: 

Researchers from Tianjin University have developed ultra-high-energy fluorinated carbon materials, the key technology to realizing ultra-energy storage.

China may have developed a game changer for electric cars: https://www.inkstonenews.com/science/chinas-lithium-breakthrough-could-be-game-changer-electric-cars/article/3010277 

The biggest stock – nearly 1 million cars – was registered in China, one of the world’s most lithium-rich countries. According to a 2017 Chinese government estimate, the salt lakes on the Tibetan Plateau – where the new technology is being used – hold more than 60% of the world’s lithium ­reserves. A US Geological ­Survey estimate last year was significantly lower, placing just 7% of the world’s reserves in China.

U.S. Rare Earths Revival Planned Amid Trade Conflict: 


The important commodities are caught up in the U.S.-China trade conflict

US urged to avoid more damage to China ties:

Beijing urged Washington on Saturday "not to go too far" in harming China's interests, and called for it to change course to avoid further damaging bilateral ties.

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