Thoughts on physicist Mario Livio talking about "Why Is There Anything At All?":

#Comment: So many fancy words used to essentially just say "we don't know - at all". Particularly contemporary western scientists with their "knowledge fetishism" seem to have a very hard time acknowledging, that there are a great many questions which are fundamentally "unknowable" (situated right at the base of the "pyramid of knowledge/science", threatening to collapse the entire game built upon them). One would think, things like Gödel's "incompleteness theorem", Asimov's "The Last Question" or countless Zen Buddhist texts would have made the case rather clear by now, but apparently not. Scientist pretense of knowledge is especially comedic, such as when they tell us what happened a femtosecond after big bang or what happens inside the event horizon. They state their wild speculations as facts while they clearly just confuse their models and equations with reality. In praxis, contemporary scientsist resorts to the very same tricks the christian church used for millennia: First make up fictive ghost stories that sounds important but way too complex for anyone to understand. Then convince the public that they are the only ones that can make sense of this and use this to grab respect, authority and power. This comic summarizes this silly game nicely: https://samim.io/p/2019-10-30-proposal-for-a-monument-to-logical-fallacies-by-san/

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