"Anything not specifically forbidden is mandatory. Which means, if it's possible, it's probable." - Merlin

"Doubt is not a very agreeable state, but certainly is a ridiculous one" - Francois Marie Arouet (Voltaire)

#Comment: Assorted high weirdness, which in all its colorful "out-there-ness" is by and large more fun and sane than most of the current mainstream post-humanist AI cyborg science extremism. Valid or not, it is certainly thought provoking "post-materialist age" entertainment - enjoy!

Frontier Science - as categorized by Iona Miller:

CONSPIRITUALITY - Compassionate Intelligence Activity.
An essay by Iona Miller (original text here)

SpyCoSomatix: People's actions are strongly influenced by their knowledge and beliefs. They can be manipulated by corrupting their knowledge base, warping historical truth, or ignoring it completely and spinning compelling new myths of consensus reality. This is mind control aimed at crowd control and exploitation.

"To see what is in front of one's nose requires a constant struggle." -- George Orwell


Uncertainty is the zeitgeist of our day. We are anxious and unsure. We face potentially catastrophic climatic and environmental change, incurable viruses, pandemics, bioterrorism, endless wars, urban violence, soil and water depletion. Rampant population growth, genetically-engineered food and organisms, and hazardous waste raise profound doubts about Earth's ability to sustain life.

Many species are already going extinct at the rate of 5000 per year. We wonder about own own and our grandchildren's futures, health, and well-being. Mourning the loss of our freedoms, we feel the impact as loss of our cherished dreams for a better future.

Society itself, changes in unpredictable ways, including through human frailty or perversity, such as crime and war. Political figures, in particular have the ability to affect great masses of people with their policies and dictates. How we mediate and ameliorate these societal disruptions is a major part of our personal stories, and the story of humanity, in general.

We did not anticipate this transition from the arrogant certainty of the rational enlightenment promise of techno-utopia to disquieting uncertainty. We have realized only empty promises of solutions to life's fundamental problems, such as world health, food, and peace. Despite all our knowledge we have not been able to control or dominate our environment successfully. Knowledge is not wisdom, or even understanding. We need to recognize our innate spirituality. By changing our internal image of reality, we can change the world. There is a deeper current in life and it is embodied in Mystery-- the unpredictable, the unknown, and perhaps unknowable.


The Long War is an Intelligence War. We can all participate in more intelligent intelligence. It doesn't belong exclusively to the apostles of the cult of intelligence. Personally and collectively, Intelligence involves information collection and analysis. It helps us determine The Big Picture by synthesizing the forces at play in the world today so we can make prudent decisions about the future of our security.


The parallel tracks of roughly seven forces are running the world: Governments, Military, Law Enforcement, Business, Academia, NGO and Media, and Civil (Class, Religion, Labor). Each has its own worldview and agenda which sets the priorities in its point of view, from plutocrats to technocrats and bureaucrats. Many have failed so utterly they have become Roadmaps to Nowhere. We have to step beyond the bounds of elite greed and failed ecology to a less narcissistic, more mature citizenship.


Technology, markets, resources and policy interact dynamically. All prediction markets agree that nano-neuro-bio-info products will shape the future. These forces and ideas then filter into manufacturing futures, politics, business, academics, the media, science and military where they take root (or not) in our minds and become part of our cultural mandate. They acquire traction and velocity as people jump on the bandwagon. Despite the techno-utopianism, the economic keyword for 2008 is "debt."


The war for your mind has moved from the outside to inside the mindbody of each and every one of us. Propaganda controls the message but the message itself is control. We really have been programmed from the cradle to the grave to worship GOD -- Gold, Oil, & Drugs. We worship and seek solace outside ourselves when the answer is within in our hearts and spirits.


It's no accident we feel empty and can't get enough. These are the addictions of our culture. We are running on empty, overextended in energy and credit, and militarily. We have traded social safety nets for unsustainable imperialism. We have sheepishly accepted the curtailment of our former freedoms out of fear, or by believing the fear-mongers who create public opinion. Our nation has hostage syndrome. We've been sold a bill of goods and the balance is coming due.


In the Age of Intelligence, modern IO is not about the old messages of psychological operations (PSYOPS), but rather about empowering billions of people with both information tools and access to truthful information. It is about education, not manipulation. It is about sharing, not secrecy. Reality is up for grabs. The present is revealed only after acquiring the entire past. Then the constituents fall into place in a holistic context. The imaginary future influences its creation, from toxic visions like The Matrix to false techno-utopianism. Computers were supposed to save us work, but we wind up working more for less. But, the one who dies with the biggest toys is not the winner. We are living on borrowed time.


The power struggle of The Great Game set up an ongoing quiet war between Britain and Russia for Afghanistan. And after the Soviet defeat, the US was sucked into the continuing quagmire of events involving Iraq, Iran [Persia], India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the post-Soviet republics of Central Asia described in Zbigniew Brzezinski's book, The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives. This neoconservative strategy has failed utterly as a foreign policy.


Intelligence in The Age of information is a vision of the convergence of computers, media, and telecommunications - hacking and tracking. It means the ultra data-glut of the net-centric war of information. But where do we go from here? Do you live a white-picket fence / big screen TV fantasy in a militarily-defined world with optimistic delusions of victory? What comes after the fetishizing of information technology and looming economic meltdown of the Greenback?

Instead of the greater free time for creativity imagined in the Cold War era, people have come to work harder and for longer hours for less net gain. But, Voltaire said that, "Man is free the instant he wants to be."

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