Will the China of tomorrow run on the technology behind bitcoin? (scmp)

"I worry that people have oversold blockchain to Xi as a magic cure-all" - James Andrew Lewis, Centre for Strategic and International Studies

China's blockchain tech adoption inflated? New expose reveals truth behind tall claims (ibtimes, via "China: Marketing Blockchain")

“According to the Global Times, which is a Chinese state-run media house, numerous companies in China seem to find it simpler to claim that they are utilizing blockchain technology than to truly practice its application. Various Chinese firms across a variety of industries reportedly state that they are employing the use of blockchain tech in some form or another, but lack real evidence to prove that they are doing so. Global Times in their expose report that out of over 3,000 registered businesses, about 500 firms claim to be incorporating blockchain tech in their day-to-day operations, but only about 40 of these have been able to demonstrate that they are actively doing so.

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