From Fake news to Junk News. The data politics of online virality - by Tommaso Venturini.
Part of the book "Data Politics: Worlds, Subjects, Rights" - by Didier Bigo (site) et.al (2019)

Didier Bigo on Security, Surveillance and Democracy

Fog of Information - by tekgnostics

“In this day and age... we are faced with a Fog of Information that is as distracting and detrimental as the fog of war.” - from “Bread & Circuses”

"Information overload occurs when the amount of input to a system exceeds its processing capacity. Decision-makers have fairly limited cognitive processing capacity. Consequently, when information overload occurs, it is likely that a reduction in decision quality will occur."

"It's not a matter what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true" - Henry Kissinger

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