Art from "Huaca de la Luna" - A shrine built by the Moche people of northern Peru.

Text and Images from Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection:

"The Moche worldview blurred the boundaries between the cultural realm and the natural world. Humans with animal bodies, objects with human traits, or anthropomorphic creatures that combined features from multiple animals, were painted as warriors in combat. Supernatural battles took place under water, on land or in abstract arenas. Finally, several supernatural characters are repeated throughout Moche imagery, in Narrative Themes, as individuals, and in other contexts, such as hunting scenes. Clearly, the ability of human figures to move between the natural and cultural realms was an important organizing principle of the Moche world."

Anthropomorphic Wave

Anthropomorphic Urchin

 Crab Deity

Crayfish Deity

 Strombus Being

Ai Apaec/Wrinkle Face/the Fanged God

The Circulator God

Revolt of the Objects

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