Low-Cost Breathing Ventilators - by @lowtechmagazine

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies: The high price of machine ventilators forces many hospitals in the poorest regions of the world to rely on a simple solution known as an Ambu Bag that requires constant manual pressure in order to get oxygen to the lungs.The Umbulizer is a mechanically powered version of the Ambu Bag.

Italian hospital saves Covid-19 patients lives by 3D printing valves for reanimation devices

An Italian hospital ran out of ICU valves. A local biz brought a 3D printer to the hospital, redesigned & produced the valves in a few hours. “At the time of writing, 10 patients are accompanied in breathing by a machine that uses a 3D printed valve.” Apparently the hospitals ICU valve supplier was not happy about this & refused to supply blueprints. (via)

#Comment: This is a nice example that the notion of intellectual property (IP) law is outdated & dangerous. Break all IP needed to save lives should be the directive.

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