Global Narrative Breakdown

As the

 corona virus crisis unfolds, an army of conspiracy theorists has emerged, producing a dizzying amount of colourful viral narratives. The mainstream media is responding aggressively, with an onslaught of critical coverage about how "the alternative media and crazy conspiracy theorists are putting all our health in danger". Yet on closer examination, the mainstream's responds is as primitive and manipulative as the narratives of conspiracy theorist they critique.

While they might appear like enemies engaged in a war over the sovereignty of interpretation of reality, in actuality the mainstream media and conspiracy theorists have a complex, interdependent relationship. Regardless of who's "truth" is "righter", both are in effect collaboratively poisoning an already highly in-transparent media and communications environment, contributing to a global narrative breakdown.

Currently billions of peoples are assaulted with overwhelming amounts of  "information", "truths" and "opinions", presented by experts, politicians, oligarchs and conspiracy theorists. In such an environment, where all signals are lost in an ocean of noise, shared narratives (right/wrong, etc.) quickly collapse and large-scale developments can happen silently, unnoticed by most.

A global narrative collapse is especially dangerous in a time where there is no shortage of  actual"conspiracy facts", mostly ignored in the public discourse. For examples: How the USA and EU are pumping uncounted trillions into the world economy (mostly reaching super elites, cementing totalitarian control structures) - or the accelerating global oil crash (oil is in 85% of stuff we consume) - or the bifurcation of global infrastructure (china/russia are launching their own internet and digital currencies) - or the ongoing collapse of capitalism and rebirth as the "fourth industrial rei...volution" - or the radical expansion of computational surveillance and policing (Dictators with A.I's don't care if you "have nothing to hide", they care about power) and the creation of global DNA databases.

In the shadow of the the corona virus dominating the global media cycle for month, such projects ("conspiracy facts") are accelerating and reaching maturity. Its effect will be felt for decades to come (unlike this virus). Yet instead of informing the public about such urgent matters, who does the global mainstream media choose to constantly ridicule and critique? A wide range of incoherent conspiracy theorists - mixing up everything from biowarfare, killer beams, space aliens and Jesus Christ into one crazy story.

What is at play here are political attack tactics, known at least since Machiavelli: "Gaslighting", "Fog of war" and "Flooding the zone": Providing experts, idiots, crazies and disinfo agents a megaphone, so they can pump out wast amounts of confusing and contradictory information, frequently attacking the integrity of those making counter-claims, and occasionally injecting conspiracy theories. Within such a media environment, all serious discussion about "conspiracy facts" will be inevitably confused with far-out garbage - to be disagreed by any half way thinking person. We now have a global media environment in which very large-scale developments ("conspiracy facts") can happen silently, unnoticed by most.

But hey, back to the program: Switch off your brain immediately and just PANIC! So that nobody dears to even ask critical question when conspiratorial scenarios like the post-democratic police state emerges in full force.  Now smile, go wash your hands and enjoy the breakdown of the global narrative and rise of the global grid.

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