Elon Musk claims his Neuralink chip will allow you to stream music directly to your brain

#Comment: It feels progressive boring and silly to watch the telenovela actor Musk unveil well established (yet not widely disseminated) technologies that were created by the scientific/military community years ago (publicly funded DARPA etc.), while keep pretending these "breakthroughs" magically appear from a small private company and its "genius" leaders. Case in point: Synthetic Telepathy has been around for decades but has not been commercialised for a range of reasons, of which "technical challenges" in only one. Luckily this technology innovation model which heavily relies on militarisation, secrecy (black-tech, scientist surveillance, etc.) and manufactured "genius individual, free-enterprise" narratives for public rollout, is being eclipsed by new technology innovation models that are a bit less magic trick and a bit more transparent science in the public interest. In Summary, this headline has it all: "Kanye West Drops Out Of Race After Elon Musk Offers Him Position As President Of Mars".

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