Three Rockefellers Say Banks Must Stop Financing Fossil Fuels (nytimes)

"Since 2016, 35 banks have funneled $2.7 trillion into fossil fuel companies and projects, a trajectory that will guarantee a world with runaway climate disruption. Of these banks, JPMorgan Chase has led the way by providing 36 percent more financing than the next largest fossil fuel financier, Wells Fargo."

#Comment: Hilarious to see the same families who over 100+ years were primary drivers and profiteers of the industrial-scale exploitation and destruction of nature (incl. humanity), are now starting to say "end fossil fuels". What we'll likely never hear them say is "we take responsibility for the mess we created and will pay for it adequately now" or "we were and are highly incompetent and thus make room for others". On the contrary, they are tirelessly strategising how to dominate the emerging renewable age by any means. A dark bullshit comedy.

#ClimateChange #Economics