What is Bagua Zhang?

Bagua Zhang, meaning "Eight Trigram Palm", is a complex, beautiful and mature "internal" martial style. Bagua Zhang is based on the principle of change. The practitioner of Bagua Zhang is always in movement - producing ceaseless change - a reflection of the natural phenomena of the universe. Masters of Bagua Zhang seek to constantly express the fundamental concepts: never stop walking and never stop changing; always be prepared to shift direction; unify the qualities of soft and hard; combine the benefits of internal and external; enter and exit suddenly and with speed; coordinate the physical strength of the body with the internal energies (Qi).

As the name implies, many of the combat techniques of Bagua Zhang involve the palm (Zhang). The use of the palm over the fist is what allows for the constant transformation from shape to shape and technique to technique. The palms allow for listening and manipulation of the opponent in contrast to a fist whose inherent tense quality has limited use beyond the strike. The core practice method of Bagua Zhang is the walking of the circle, wherein the practitioner develops rootedness in movement, strength and focus. The training method is, in essence, a form of moving meditation. The benefits of regular practice of Bagua Zhang towards physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth and wellness cannot be understated.

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