The mainstreaming of eugenics is in full swing

The media outlet "Der Spiegel" (very close to the German government. Essentially a propaganda outlet) has finally made the jump and is now openly prompting mRNA based gene-therapy for everything from Cancer, Allergies, Heart Attacks to Dementia (but still calling it a "vaccine"). Conceptually they (the merger of state and corporations - AKA Fascism, as Mussolini defined it) are now very close to where the Nazis left of 75 years ago: Openly prompting eugenics and totalitarian population control/design "health" policies. What ever you think about "the virus", this should raise all kinds of red flags. But unfortunately even in the age of "magic" mRNA based gene-therapy (a deeply flawed, unproven and opaque bio-technology platform), there is still no cure for greed, stupidity and ignorance in sight.

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