Reflections on witnessing the latest PR events from sillycon valley players

The sillycon valley players (Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.) seem to be stuck in a collective hallucination that makes them believe in a heavily sanitized version of "reality", that is 99% surface gloss and 1% essentials. Their focus is on delivering nice-to-have "consumer experience conveniences" coupled with ever increasing surveillance and control - instead of meeting the urgent needs of real people. Most poignantly, sillycon valley innovations are almost excursively catering to a ultra niche "WEIRD" audience ("Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich & Democratic") that makes up only 12% of global population. As a result of all this, the next four billion people coming online are predominantly adopting technology solutions from incumbent non-weird players. It's time for sillycon valley to really "think different", or perish.

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