"She Blinded Me With Science" is a fitting motto for our times (and a fun tune by Thomas Dolby)

Prediction: After all is set and done with the current global "ordo ad chao" terror campaign, science - the leading institutions of post-"enlightenment" humanity - will widely be perceived as a morally bankrupt, failed enterprise. Calls for the separation of state and science and something akin to Nuremberg trials 2.0 will get much louder - accelerating the implosion of the established scientific system. Just to be clear, I am not referring to the idealized fantasy version of science that people tirelessly praise (the scientific method, skeptical inquiry, etc.), but science as it is practiced in actuality today (Global domination by a few western colonial elite universities and corporations. An epic reproducibility crisis. A cult of gate-keepers and closed-sourced "sacred knowledge". Massive corruption and privatization on all levels. Money buys any scientific "truth", "credibility" and personnel. Militarization of most scientific domains. Dreadful moral/ethical track-record. Out of touch with the needs of people. Et cetera.)

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