Samael Aun Weor on Copyright

"Now, my dear friends, and forever, I renounce, have renounced and will go on renouncing copyrights. My only wish is that these books be sold at a low price, affordable to the poor, affordable to all the children of God. I wish that even the poorest, most destitue citizen be able to obtain these books with the few pennies he carries in his pocket ... Whosoever wants to publish them let him publish, for the benefit of diseased mankind."— Samael Aun Weor

Samael Aun Weor on Medicine

In his works, Occult Medicine and Practical Magic, Igneous Rose and others, Aun Weor taught about elemental magic. In the former work he expressed his opposition to the medicine of modern science, allopathy, and called for the Gnostics to learn the ways of Indigenous and Elemental Medicine.

Aun Weor taught that all the plants of nature are living Elemental Spirits, similarly to Paracelsus and many other esoteric teachers. He states that it is the Elemental Spirits who cure, not simply the 'cadavers of the plants'. Plants should be treated as living beings, harvested at the proper hours etc. He stated that the Elementals of all plants are aspects of The Divine Mother in the form of Mother Nature. In 'Occult Medicine and Practical Magic' he spoke about the healing methods of the Kogi Mamas, who diagnose sicknesses by means of clairvoyance.

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