Radionic Dials

This collective radionic pattern is comparable to a mandala or yantra, both of which are devices used in Eastern spiritual traditions. These symbols may be understood to possess or manipulate conscious energy.

The creation of a mandala (a metaphysical circular symbol) is a meditative process that brings about a transformation of consciousness. A yantra is a grid or pattern (a “machine”) designed to process energy with the purpose of harmonising or focusing specific subtle energies.

A radionic instrument is a physical device with a subtle purpose – a machine that functions through intention. A machine is useless without the human element; it is nothing on its own. Its purpose is to enhance the abilities of the human. Numbers are a way in which the operator can interact with the machine.

Because of the intention of the constructor and the operator, the instrument therefore possesses Purpose. As the instrument is designed with a purpose, those who consciously interact with it empower the instrument to fulfill its purpose.

The purpose of a radionics instrument is to access, amplify and remedy a situation or condition by referencing and resonating with energetic or vibrational information that is at the origin of manifestation. The operator brings to the instrument specific vibrational or energetic information in the form of his or her intention, and will fine tune the instrument to resonate with that intention, as it relates to a situation or substance, by means of the dials.

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