Infornography is a portmanteau word formed by the combination of the two words "information" and "pornography". Infornography is used to define an addiction to or an obsession with acquiring, manipulating, and sharing information. People "suffering" from infornography are generally people that greatly enjoy receiving, sending, exchanging, and digitizing information.

The term was popularized by the cult cyberpunk anime series Serial Experiments Lain (1998), which used the word as the title of episode eleven; see Infornography (Serial Experiments Lain episode).

The definition (without explicitly using the term itself) is also greatly applied in many cyberpunk settings, where information can almost be considered a currency of its own, in a sense facilitating the development of an alternate world for 'escapism'. Megacorps, hackers and other kinds of people use information to thrive. They can subtly be called "infornographers".

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