Fun things DARPA and the DoD have in store for us this year

WARDEN - to amplify the range and lethality of high-power microwave systems

Rapid Healing for Warfighter Injuries - leveraging artificial intelligence to predict, stimulate, and control physiological processes in complex tissues

NSIA - non-surgical machine interface technology to input multiple channels of information into neural tissue *currently in final testing/transition to implementation phase*

***AAI*** - facilitation of operator-machine interface, knowledge management and dissemination, and social context-informed AI forecasting, including focus on measuring and aggregating PRECONSCIOUS SIGNALS and how these can be used to determine what people believe to be true

Oversight - implementation of automated satellite-based programming to maintain custody (constant surveillance) of "targets" in contested environments, interfacing with IoT infrastructure to supplement satellite capability

Sema - For the use of AI/machine learning to identify "false information", its origin, and its intent

ASIST - development of computational agents (AI) that demonstrate human social intelligence which can be utilized with high trust/acceptance in complex environments

Human Social Systems - development of algorithms to conduct scalable social and behavioral science research, especially pertaining to environments under stress, for use in "stabilization, deterrence, grey zone, and influence operations"

SocialSim - simulation of information spread and evolution over multiple global social media platforms for use in US information campaign spread and development of realistic, synthetic social media for training and other purposes

ASED - "counter-social engineering bots" that act on behalf of users to mediate and aggregate communications and auto-identify attackers

Competing in Undergoverned Spaces - development of data aggregate/algorithmic models for predicting and influencing outcome in areas with minimal governance, both physical and conceptual (virtual)

INCAS - integration of language processing, social network analysis, psychographics, and behavioral science-based technologies into a unified automated digital tool designed to rapidly detect and understand messaging campaigns and analyze/distil potential counter-measures

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