Soft Wireheading Music

The perception of music — its appeal to an individual in specific contexts and the emotions it evokes — has traditionally been highly subjective. Though recommender systems have provided some insights in recent years, understanding this domain largely remained elusive. However, with the rise of contemporary machine learning and BCI, modeling audience's perception and responses to media is rapidly increasing in precision. By integrating these affective models with generative music models in a dynamic feedback loop, we get a glimpse of a groundbreaking new form of media, that enable users to deliberately and precisely alter their mental states. Such "soft wireheading" techniques have expansive applications, ranging from entertainment and healthcare to education and defense.

But more importantly:

In an age where our senses are perpetually bombarded by external stimuli, it's worth remembering this insight from meditation: It's entirely possible to cultivate an inner state of profound tranquility and bliss at any moment, independent of any 'external' catalyst.

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