“Who is the great master, the magician that makes the grass green?” - Zen Koan by Pope Bob (Robert Anton Wilson)

“The Hermetic tradition was that there is no such thing as pure reason, you have to first work on your own perceiving apparatus to correct your prejudices, and the scientist is not separate from what the scientist observes. The general yogic attitude, “You are the master that makes the grass green”, western science lost that insight, and from Newton onwards we have the idea that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you follow scientific procedure you’ll find the truth.
This began to break down after 1900, due to Sigmund Freud, who pointed out that even scientists, they’re human beings, they may have neurosis, and they may have elaborate rationalizations for neurosis. The influence of Karl Marx pointed out that no matter what you’re theorizing about it’s a mirror of your economic status.
Anthropologists started coming back with reports of alternative reality tunnels, and that no matter what reality tunnel you live in, the world will organize itself in your perception to be compatible with that reality tunnel.
So, science began to have data to look at science itself critically. That’s how intelligence increases, when intelligence looks at intelligence and criticizes intelligence. So we got to the point where we could look at science and say, “science is the product of people!”
People are doing this, and their prejudices are getting into it. It’s not just enough to say you will be objective, you’ve got to learn to change yourself from the inside out before you can even approximate towards objectivity.“
"Never believe fully in anybody else’s B.S. (Belief System), I don’t care if it’s Rajneesh, The Pope, L. Ron Hubbard, Al Gore, George Bush…I don’t care who it is, don’t swallow all of their belief system totally. Don’t accept all of their bullshit, all their B.S. The second rule is like unto to the first: Don’t believe totally in your own B.S.
Which means that, as Bucky Fuller said, "The universe consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events.”
The universe consists of non-simultaneously apprehended events. Which means any belief system or reality tunnel you’ve got right now is gonna have to be revised and updated as you continue to apprehend new events later in time.
Not simultaneously.
This is the natural functioning of the human brain. It’s the way children’s brains perform before they’re wrecked by the school system. It’s the way the minds of all great scientists and artists work. But once you have a belief system, everything that comes in either gets ignored if it doesn’t fit the belief system, or gets distorted enough so that it can fit into the belief system. You gotta be continually revising your map of the world.”

- Pope Bob (Robert Anton Wilson)

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