Gitlab Blocked Iranians’ Access

#Comment: Weaponising open source is a new low, even for this particularly clueless US regime. But this is really only meaningful in the short-term. In the mid-term (2030ish), the tech game is very likely to have drastically changed: Other countries will have taken the technological lead (china & co), while the US is still engaged in endless internal conflicts (in effect a mafia-state, akin to what happened in Russia after 1990). All the global talent that once powered the US tech innovation motor (droves of Chinese, Indian, Russian and European PhD students etc.) will have disappeared. At that point, we might see headlines along the lines of "Globally leading open source platform Gitea blocked US access". Personally, i would prefer to see yet another scenario, where the entire global Intellectual Property market collapsed and was replace by "open source everything" - but that might be a more long term vision.

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