Nature-based precision mindbody medicine will largely replace the pharmaceutical industry

During the past 200 years, countless ancient nature-based precision medicine knowledge traditions were "lost" (suppressed by the western pharmaceutical mafia and forgotten due to "modernization"). The Chinese probably did the best job at preserving their tradition (TCM), but many others got essentially wiped out (amazonian tribes etc.). There is a huge need & opportunity right now, to pull all these pieces back together and make it actionable for our generation. Just in time, as the pharmaceutical mafia is once again trying to murder and control all life on earth.

Related: Up until 100y ago, a primary component of animal feed was Cannabis. Cows, Pigs, etc. would eat hemp (fast growing & cheap), and humans would eat the animals - hence closing a loop that was highly beneficial for the animal/human microbiome and ecosystems. This cycle got disrupted in the 20st century by industrial agriculture, coinciding with the emergence of many new diseases.

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