Nature's Psyops

Imagine if in the past 2 years the "elites" instead of running a giant pro-fear, pro-control, pro-pharma-mafia psyops, would of put all that time and energy into promoting nature and its many benefits. Imagine a massive global psyops promoting the cultivation of medicinal plants, mushrooms and mind-body-nature practices, such as forrest bathing, qigong and yoga. Goverment mandated ginger booster smoothies, healthy diets and stress reduction programs. What would the outcomes have been for the public's physical and mental health & well-being?

In some sense, Humanity should be thankful for the horrendous Covid psyops, as it has brought an extremely destructive cultural undercurrent to the surface: The wide-spread belief that humans are essentially just complicated machines which can be "fixed" exclusively through "magic" pharmaceutical pills, administered by scientific "experts". This is the single biggest bullshit story and self-perpetuating lie of the past 250 years, which is starting to self-destruct.

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