Connecting the dots? Or disconnecting from the unknowable cause clinging to illusory dots?

Decoding/Encoding 'consciousness' ('brains', a energetic spacetime pattern, call it what you want) is seemingly getting much easier and more reliable: from understanding individual mammal brains all the way to decoding the neural signals of 8 billion human monkeys and using it as part of closed-loop 'mind control' systems, based on exotic models of 'reality'. But to what end? Despite all efforts, we are still chasing the illusive white bunny of Alice in Wonderland. The deeper we probe, the more ghosts appear in the shell. The map is easily confused with the territory. Within infinity there is no "absolute truth" or "objective grounding" - but everything (incl. nothing) is a paradoxical, imaginary, timeless piece of... music? Seeking certainty and control here is a fools game - Learn to relax and go with the flow instead. Ask yourself "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, in infinity?", and then call off the hunt and simply keep quiet.

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