Chinese banker who embezzled US$108 million handed suspended death sentence

SCMP: "Ex-Chairman of Hengfeng Bank, Jiang Xiyun was convicted for moving 754 million yuan ($108 million) worth of Hangfeng shares to his personal account between 2008 & 2013. He also took bribes of more than 60m yuan together with another bank executive. Jiang had ordered others to destroy records for over 600 million yuan of transactions. Hengfeng Bank received about $14 billion bailout package. A reprieved death sentence may be commuted to a life sentence if the person shows good behavior within the allotted period." (alt: bloomberg)

#Comment: When is the last time one of the (many) super corrupt and criminal bankers in western countries had to go to jail or face justice? Probably zero times in the past 40 years?

Chinese scientist He Jiankui involved in gene-edited babies jailed for 3 years

SCMP: "Chinese scientist He Jiankui, who created the world’s first “gene-edited” babies, has been sentenced to three years in prison and fined 3 million yuan (US$430,000). He, along with two others named Zhang Renli and Qin Jinzhou, was convicted by a Shenzhen court on Monday on charges related to the “illegally carrying out human embryo gene-editing intended for reproduction”, which led to the births of three genetically edited babies, according to state news agency Xinhua."

#Comment: What message does jailing a single scientists ("bad sheep") send, in a time when Synthetic Life ("Internet of Life" as one Chinese initiative is called) is entering the hot period?

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